2020-2021 Committee



Sofia Hernandez 

I'm a 3rd Year Biomedical Engineering student originally from Spain. As President my goal is to bring together a community of people passionate about Biomedical Engineering and provide all the tools to help them throughout their studies at the University of Glasgow.



Gabriel Dzharadat

I am a 3rd year BME student from Bulgaria. From my experience, I know that students in my field have many amazing and innovative ideas and one of the things I love most is to help and support them in achieving their passions.


Social Convener

Clare Stansfield

I’m currently in second year, and am 21 years old. This year I’m your Social Secretary and am planning on finding ways to make more of a community within BME, as well as bridging gaps between the years!



Zarina Issabekova

I'm a 3rd Year Biomedical Engineering student with a great passion for science. As a Secretary, I hope to create an organised and enjoyable environment for GUBMES and provide effective communication and administration for the members of our society. 


Educational Convener

Sophia Davis

Aloha, I am a 3rd-year Biomedical Engineering student from Hawai'i. Studying engineering at university is a challenging and as the Educational Convener, I hope to help provide students with engaging talks, hands-on workshops, and useful resources to help them get the most out of their academic experience. 


Social Media Convener

Shamsa Al Harthy

I’m currently a 3rd year Biomedical Engineering student, and as social media convener, I’m aiming to promote GUBMES through different platforms both socially and academically in order to make it a society students seek for fun and/ or help.


3rd Year Representative

Alexandra Moreno

I’m a 3rd year Biomedical Engineering student from the United States. As the third year representative my role involves representing the 3rd years opinions and suggestions regarding GUBMES.


2nd Year Representative

Cejo Mathew

I am a biomedical engineering student in my second year. Through my role as the second-year representative, I hope to engage with my peers and incorporate their ideas into the events that we create this year.


1st Year Representative

Shurnjeet Kaur

I am a 1st year student from Scotland. As a representative, I ensure that my classmates ideas are heard, and connect with other students during this difficult time.