2021-2022 Committee



Zarina Issabekova

I am a 4th year biomedical engineering student from Kazakhstan. As a president, I hope to create an enjoyable environment for BME students and organise a variety of academic events and opportunities that would help them with their studies. I am looking forward to this exciting year and working with GUBMES team!

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Haider Ali

Hi, I’m Haider and I am a 4th year Biomedical Engineering student from Pakistan studying at Glasgow University. I have a great interest in different types of engineering concepts in the medical field that require ingenuity and innovation. I am thrilled to use this pathway by combining my own interests to help others in their endeavors creating a healthy and helpful environment.


Social Convener

Sofia Hernandez Gelado

Hola! My name is Sofia, I am a fourth year Biomedical Engineering student from Spain. Many of you might recognize my face, as I have been around in GUBMES for a while now! Last year as the President I worked hard to integrate new students into our community through a rough year of no face-to-face teaching. This year I hope to do that and more! We will form a strong and tight community for all students who seek a support network, we've got you! And of course, always having a bit of fun! :)



Cejo Mathew

I'm a third year Biomedical Engineering student who wants to help fellow students from all year groups. Through the role of Secretary in GUBMES, I hope to help the society stay organised by taking responsibility for administrative tasks and by providing clear communication. I hope to also support the rest of my committee members, so that we can achieve the goals for our society.


Educational Convener

Shamsa Al Harthy

I’m Shamsa, a 4th year BME student and your new educational convener! I’m thrilled to provide my time and effort to GUBMES this year, and to give you all I have to make your educational experience better! This year we are hoping to make GUBMES a more interactive society, so we will be launching some very exciting projects such as the new research initiative, workshops and competitions!


4th Year Representative

Maja Mierzwinska

Hi! I'm Maja, the 4th year representative for GUBMES in the academic year of 2021-2022. I will help out by working as a point of contact between 4th year students and the GUBMES committee, so that if there's a need for organising any kinds of events or workshops to support students, this can be done as efficiently as possible. I'll also be notifying 4th year students about any events and other news from the GUMES committee. 

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Shurnjeet Kaur

2nd Year Representative

As a 2nd year representative, my role focuses on listening to my classmates, whether it be to organise a study event with the Educational Convener, or to help relieve stress through fun activities with the Social Convener for my classmates.