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GUBMES CAD Competition

Ready to show off your creativity and CAD skills in our very first GUBMES CAD competition?

Be creative, innovative and think outside the box!

We want you to have fun with the project. Be adventurous and try new things. Make sure you explore all the possibilities CAD has to offer and expand your designing skills.

Need some inspiration?

If you are feeling a bit stuck and don't know where to start from, don't worry! We have collected some inspirational resources to spark your creativity!


  1. Thug Life Glasses - Dual Color by XDr4g0nX

  2. Steampunk Goggles by kborisov

  3. glasses 2018 by catf

  4. Luna Lovegood Glasses by Geoffro

  5. 2015 Glasses by Makershop

  6. Glasses by ericsko

  7. 8-bit Shamrock Glasses by schmarty

  8. Steampunk Safety Glasses by AlphaPhoenix

  9. Customizable Word Glasses by leoedin

  10. Gteng FPV monocle mod by shawdreamer

  11. Christmas Tree Glasses by racatack

  12. Iris Monacle with LEDs by ricko

  13. Virtual Reality Goggles for Android Smartphone by Croccy22

Ready to submit?

Follow the link to the google form and fill in your details.

Google form:

Best of luck and happy designing!
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