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What You Need to Know About 4th-year Elective Modules - Insights from 4th and 5th-year BME Students.

If you are a Third Year, you are probably already aware (if not SPOILER alert!) we’ve got to actually start making some decisions on what route we want to take in our career path. Since we are all so far away from each other (miss you all) and we can’t easily bump into older students to give us some much-needed advice, we have compiled some insights from 4th and 5th-year students on their experience choosing elective modules for 4th year. For the purpose of confidentiality, we will keep their names private!

Starting off with our first BME student, Miss Integrin took Tissue Engineering, Microelectronics, Ultrasound and Digital Signal Processing as her 4th-year elective modules. “I loved Tissue Engineering! It is definitely a lot of work, but it is amazing, and it is really helpful if you want to choose Scaffolds in 5th Year”. On the Ultrasound course, she added “Ultrasound is great if you are like me and you are into medical images!”. She also recommended students who want to take Digital Signal Processing to take an online Python course during the summer before starting 4th Year. “DSP is very useful, but they won’t teach you how to program so you may struggle if you are not comfortable with Python”. When asked if she would have chosen any of her modules differently Miss Integrin responded, “I would have possibly chosen Control over Microelectronics”.

Onto our second BME student, Miss Fibronectin! Miss Fibronectin took Robotics and loved it: “My favourite course was Robotics. It is a really interesting course and the project is really cool, you will get to build a robot with LEGO!”. Miss Fibronectin also gave us some insights into the Microelectronics course: “I think if I could have chosen courses differently, I would have chosen the 10 credit Control course over Microelectronics. I did learn some new things in Microelectronics, but it was mostly Arduino which I already had experience with and knew about!”.

Last but not least we have Miss Myosin, our third BME student. She explained to us her overall experience with her 4th-year elective modules: “Tissue and Cell Engineering is a really interesting course run with the biology school. There are about 10 lectures in semester 1 and the exam is in May, but there are no classes or assignments in semester 2. You have 3 assignments in semester one which are 300-word summaries on different papers. Workload-wise it is really manageable. However, there is a LOT of information to learn for the exam. Control Systems 4 (10 credit) is great if you liked Control 3, it is very similar just a step up and is 100% exam. Ultrasound 4 was a really interesting class and the lecturer was great. The group assignment involves creating a video on an assigned topic which wasn’t too difficult. However, the exam was quite hard! Microelectronics was okay although the exam was one of the hardest ones. You also have an assignment worth 10% which was pretty straightforward. Materials 4 was very good and useful, with some tutorial questions which helps as well! However, some people found the lecturer a bit hard to understand. Out of all of my classes, Control was my favourite and Microelectronics was probably my least favourite. However, I would not make any changes if I could go back!”.

There you have it everyone, the BME students have spoken! Now it is your turn to make your own choices. Best of luck everyone!


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